Tyre changers

DQN - DU QUESNE delivers professional high-quality tyre changers made in Belgium. A versatile, fast, safe and an easy-to-use tool which can be relied upon for a long time. In no time you can replace any low-profile tyre or runflat tyre with a delicate rim.

Assembly line Ergo-Line

The DQN - DU QUESNE Ergo-line consists of the “Ergo-press” bead breaker table, the “Ergo-lift” wheel lift and the “Ergo-roll” roller conveyer for wheels. The main purpose of the ergonomic tyre fitting & assembly line “Ergo-line” is to combine improved working comfort with increased efficiency and profitability of your assembly work.

What's new

DQN - DU QUESNE improves its products constantly. New products are always compatible with previous models, so you can update your Opti-fit or Pro-fit tyre changer and your Ergo-press, Ergo-lift and Ergo-roll assembly line without having to replace them.

Refurbished DQN tyre changers

Our refurbished DQN - DU QUESNE tyre changers have been repainted, refurbished and all worn parts are replaced. You also benefit from a 6-month guarantee on all parts.

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