• DU QUESNE tyre changers assembly line
  • DU QUESNE tyre changers
  • DU QUESNE tyre changers assembly line
  • DU QUESNE tyre changers assembly line
  • DU QUESNE tyre changers assembly line
  • DU QUESNE tyre changers assembly line

Tyre changers and assembly lines

DQN - DU QUESNE is a manufacturer of garage equipment ranging from tyre changers to ergonomic assembly lines. DQN - DU QUESNE makes your life easier. LOW TECH - HIGH PERFORMANCE products that require little maintenance and are reliable and robust. Professional automotive equipment for tyre centres, garages, body shops and the motorsport world!



A trade show is the opportunity to discover our new products and see our tyre machines running. It's also a chance to try them yourself.
But first of all it's an opportunity to meet us, to share your projects and your experience so that we can best meet your needs. This dialogue between the end-user and the manufacturer often begins at an exhibition.
Don't miss the date and visit us at Auto Technica!

Meet us

A family story

In 1925, Victor du Quesne started the design and soon the production of a revolutionary machine that soon was exported worldwide. Since then, DU QUESNE tyre fitting machines have constantly evolved to achieve the very essence of what a tyre changer should be: a versatile, fast, safe and an easy-to-use tool which can be relied on for a long time!
Read all about the tyre changer and the DQN story here


In motorsport from rally to Formula 1, our tyre changers and assembly lines are also actively used. They are heavy duty and thus ideal for fast and ergonomic tyre assembly and disassembly in professional and demanding environments.
For industrial or special use, we can adapt our tyre fitting machines to your needs. Upon request, you can obtain a tyre changing device and/or assembly line in the colour of your brand or team.

Job offers

Join our team. At DQN - DU QUESNE, you will find yourself in a high-quality garage equipment manufacturing industry where service and innovation are of great importance.

Sorry, no job offers at this moment.

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