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Obituary Francis du Quesne

With acknowledgement of everything he has done for us and for others, we would like to inform you that Mr Francis du Quesne, former manager of the DQN company, has passed away.

Driven by the passion for what he was doing, he gave himself the opportunity to achieve what he had in mind. In the family business that his father had founded, he implemented several of his inventions for which he obtained a large number of patents.

He was a rigorous boss, concerned about the quality and reliability of his products. He also had this perfectionism for himself in the technical development of his inventions.

He passed on his great professionalism and business insight so that his son, Bertrand du Quesne, and the entire DQN team can continue his work in service of the clients.

His commitment and warm personality will be deeply missed.

Thank you Mr du Quesne!


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